CleanPilot Connect is a plug-in in the CleanPilot Suite that allows you to integrate information from sensors into the cleaning plan. Now you can seamlessly connect the cleaning plan to various IoT devices (sensors, smart machines and more). This allows you to dynamically generate or remove, increase, or decrease tasks in the cleaning plan without having to process the data first and communicate changes to the cleaners.

For example, in CleanPilot Plan, you can connect a door sensor to the “Standard office cleaning” task for one office. Then you can set up rules for what will happen to the frequency of this task if the office is more or less used than planned.

The frequency of the task is then automatically adjusted based on the need and you do not have to adjust the frequency manually!  




Based on Disruptive Technologies technology and sensors, Datec has been able to create the first IoT sensor integration in a smart and easy way

Value for all!


Super simple plug´n play installation


Smart and innovative solution, using new technology


Integrated with all CleanPilot applications

Need-based cleaning with dynamic plans

Value dashboard that highlights savings from integrated sensors

Unique support for the cleaners for handling Plan, sensor-generated tasks and orders

Increased customer involvement: the customer can easily share feedback on the quality of the cleaning or report needs

Support for Facility Service tasks

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