CleanPilot Value is the web portal tailored to the customer. With this portal, the client has easy access to real-time, transparent data at every level of the cleaning delivery. Clients can retrieve specific reports, use the dashboard feature to follow the status of various jobs in real time, communicate with service providers, and provide feedback when needed. CleanPilot Value also supports an easy-to-use ordering functionality, which enables the customer to easily place orders and follow up their status.

As all activity is documented by the cleaner in the Go app, clients can furthermore track and analyze any type of activity such as walking time and timing per task.

With these facts, clients have the opportunity to implement steps to improve the performance of current projects (LEAN) and accurately estimate future bids. 

Value for Customers!


“Digital” delivery – customer portal


Feedback – Simplification and optimization of customized delivery


Reporting “on demand”

Safe delivery – transparent information

Drawing-based overview

Continuous documentation of delivery

Ordering of extra tasks

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