CleanPilot Go is an iPad app used by the cleaner. This empowering digital tool gives cleaners the ability and the motivation to perform daily tasks more efficiently.

With the app, cleaners go paperless and have easy access to digital and visual workplans with color-coded floorplans of the entire building on their iPads. These interactive visual workplans can be easily updated and redistributed among the staff. Cleaners are also given a clear overview of the day’s tasks and are able to easily document their work, register deviations and communicate efficiently with their managers with the app’s integrated messaging system. The app also helps train new cleaning staff with speed and consistency, resulting in training cost savings.

The app can also be used by managers to better support and follow-up with their cleaning staff. It is also possible for them to reallocate resources based on real-time requests and manage customer orders and special requests.

With this app, the cleaner’s role goes beyond normal custodial duties – they become the eyes on the building floor. Every activity is documented, and in turn this crucial data can be used by managers and customers to fairly allocate workload among cleaners, optimize delivery, and provide added- value activities.

Value for Cleaners!


Increased pride and motivation


Easy to document extra work and discrepancies


Cleaners become service workers (eyes on the building floor)

Better focus – increased security for proper work planning

Efficient self-documentation – creates security

Helps to create the right plans, ownership and fair work planning

Better overview of one´s own working day

Improved work quality with INSTA800 controls

Easier communication between manager/employee/customer

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