CleanPilot Direct is the web portal designed for key account managers or cleaning managers. The portal provides real-time data and an overview of each project at hand, as well as the ability to easily organize tasks, make modifications, and efficiently handle orders and feedback from customers. Reports are also automatically updated and made available in the portals, which allows managers to analyze data and develop performance improvement plans. 

Managers can also define various dashboards with selected key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with each cleaning project, such as tasks performed, deviations, and INSTA controls.

Value for Cleaning managers!


Digitital standard for all projects


Simplified temporary and resource management


Simplified communication

Complete overview of all projects

Improved quality work with INSTA800  

Simplified customer management

Support for optimization and improvement

Efficient and continous documentation

Lower sick leave rate

Easy to update and publish digitally

More service for the money

Documented extra work that can be invoiced to customer

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